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EVENTS – LONDON | Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

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Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training
with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
and contributing tutors including
Sivani Mata Francis and others

18 March – 21 November 2021
NINE NIGHTS and NINE MONTHS retreat with NINE MONTH GESTATION, followed by a CIRCLE OF RECONNECTION at the end of the Nine Months

Live-Streamed via ZOOM

Special Message from Uma

Uma is delighted to welcome you to this exciting opportunity to complete her Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training course ONLINE! Over twelve years of running this course live, all over the world, have led to the opportunity to share online these authentic and effective teachings of Yoga Therapy to support and nurture women’s vitality at all stages of life.

Welcome to the circle of belonging that nurtures women’s health!
Here is a Special Message to You from Uma about the Live Online Yoni Shakti Well Woman Training.

JAI MÂ Dearest Yogini, Dear Soul!
Thank you so very much for your interest in this training! I am humbled to be of service to yoginis and to offer these tools for life long health and vitality for all women.
I am so glad to be able to offer this course online and have assembled a superb group of supporting tutors that I have been working with for many years. Together we will be at your service on this Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. Thank you for being with us! The world needs us all to awaken to the wisdom of cyclical rhythms and the power of Yoni Shakti!

With great respect and love, I send warm wishes for your well being,
Uma X


Over the twelve years that I (Uma) have been sharing this course it has become very clear that a living experience of cyclical wisdom is vital if we are to be able to share this with others.
This is why it is essential, before you show up to attend the full online training, that you dive deep into your own personal experience of cyclical wisdom., And so, together with my dear sister Sivani Mata Francis, I have created a very special ONLINE
Yoni Shakti: Well Woman Yoga Therapy Immersion which is a PRE-REQUISITE for attending the full training. This means you will need to do this immersion course FIRST before the main training.

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily for yoga teachers, but we extend a warm welcome to non-yoga teachers with a specialist interest in women's health at all stages of life.
The Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy training (also known as Womb Yoga) is for yoga teachers and experienced yoga practitioners who sense that yoga could be of more practical use to all women in managing health, vital energy and well-being. It is also suitable for holistic health-care practitioners with a sound yoga background who are working in the field of women’s' health and would like to integrate the healing benefits of yoga with their own therapeutic practice.

About the Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

The first 9 nights of this Live Online Course will include daily meetings on Zoom in a variety of different learning environments:

Full group live practice of yoga nidra, mantra, sound work, pranayama (breath work) and asana, mudra, bandha.
Full group live lectures and talks from Uma and Contributing Tutors.
Shakti sharing circles of nine students maximum, held by an experienced tutor (daily).
Full group live practice of mantra, sound work, pranayama (breath work) and asana, mudra, bandha.
Full group live lectures and talks from Uma and Contributing Tutors (twice daily)
Shakti sharing circles of nine students maximum, held by an experienced tutor (daily)

Over the next 9 months we will meet on Zoom monthly:

You will get exclusive, early-entry to our Monthly Moon Circle gatherings where there will be a check in and Q&A with Uma and members of the Yoni Shakti team.
You will also be required to meet with your Shakti Circle at least once a month (at a time which suits you all within your group.)
Each week you will receive learning materials, mostly in the form of video content with mini assessments to consolidate your learning.
Also included is membership to the Yoni Shakti Well Woman online student community group.

This course is all about yoga for women’s’ health and vital energy throughout our lives. It shares techniques to feel, nurture and build the feminine energy of Shakti for the practical healing and benefit of women in all stages of life. This approach to yoga therapy for women’s’ well-being is founded upon the understanding that conscious respectful awareness of the menstrual cycle, and of cycles in women’s’ lives are crucial to female vitality, self-respect and spiritual empowerment.

The course presents therapeutic and enlivening yoga practices to support all experiences of femininity throughout a woman’s life. Topics covered included menstruation, pre-menstrual tension, fertility, subfertility, optimal fertility, assisted conception, feminine sexuality, perimenopausal mood swings, headaches, hot flushes and post-menopausal health concerns including osteoporosis. It addresses health issues related to the female pelvic organs, including postnatal recovery and prolapse, and other issues of concern to women in particular, such as menstrual pain, low self-esteem, depression, anaemia and eating disorders.

All these issues are addressed within the context of a yoga therapeutic understanding of feminine emotional life, lunar cycles and the play of the elements in the female body. The course encourages you to think and feel for yourself, and aims to provide you with practical tools from yoga therapy and tantric philosophy to help you to build programmes especially suited to the needs of women seeking full vitality and well-being. Conscious respectful awareness of menstrual and other life cycles form the foundation of this approach to yoga therapy for women’s’ health.

The course combines theory and practice from yoga and tantra to offer you fresh perspectives, new understandings and a deep appreciation of the healing power of yoga as therapy to optimise health and delight in feminine energy. Practices taught include: asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, deep relaxation and profound meditations including yoga nidra, sound meditations, moving meditations, visualisations and chants to the deep feminine.

The course content and philosophical background is set out in Uma Dinsmore-Tuli’s book
Yoni Shakti: A woman’s guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra. See

£927 full price This includes all tuition and support during the 9 months of the course; an abundance of high quality, specially recorded video and audio material for daytime home practice; and a specially designed 113 page course manual to guide you through the process of learning and growing into yourself on this course. This cost does not include the Yoni Shakti Immersion Course which is an essential pre-requisite.

Image of Uma by Leticia Valverdes

This training is in alignment with
YONI SHAKTI: The Movement

Eradicate abuse of women in yoga.
Reclaim yoga as a tool for planetary healing and justice.​

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