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EVENTS – INDIA | Well Woman Yoga Therapy
(Womb Yoga) Teacher Training

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(Womb Yoga) Teacher Training
with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Sivani Mata

5th – 13th December 2018

at Cherai Beach, Vypin Island,
Kochi, Kerala, South India

Return to the Source: Retreat / Training Experience in Mother India

We are delighted to be collaborating with our friends and colleagues, Judy Hirsh-Sampath and Saravanan Sampath, the trusted India experts Yoga United who have been organising yoga holidays and retreats in India for the past ten years. Together we are uniquely able to provide truly nourishing training and retreat experiences with plenty of time for you to settle deep into the loving arms of Mother India.

The Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) Teacher Training is aimed at yoga teachers and experienced yoga practitioners who sense that yoga could be of more practical use to all women in managing health, vital energy and well-being. It is also suitable for holistic health-care practitioners with a sound yoga background who are working in the field of women’s health and would like to integrate the healing benefits of yoga with their own therapeutic practice.

The course presents therapeutic and enlivening yoga practices to support all experiences of femininity throughout a woman’s life. Topics covered included menstruation, pre-menstrual tension, fertility, subfertility, optimal fertility, assisted conception, feminine sexuality, perimenopausal mood swings, headaches, hot flushes and post-menopausal health concerns including osteoporosis. It addresses health issues related to the female pelvic organs, including postnatal recovery and prolapse, and other issues of concern to women in particular, such as menstrual pain, low self-esteem, depression, anaemia and eating disorders.

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
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