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Tripspace Yoga Teacher Training Course

(200 Hour)

with Tripspace Team

September – December 2021

Includes sessions at Tripspace in Shoreditch, London; a retreat in Norfolk; and online encounters

The training includes modules on a variety of skills in creating and leading classes, drawing on the anatomical and philosophical modules and encouraging you to develop your own creative voice as a teacher.

You have plenty of time to practice your teaching skills throughout the course so that you feel fully confident for your final assessment and ready to step into teaching! We also cover a full range of topics in the business aspects of yoga so that you can present your skills professionally and uniquely and be prepared and excited to build your teaching practice after graduation!

The Tripspace Yoga Teacher Training yakes an integrated and embodied approach to learning; Advocates for an informed and creative approach to teaching; Covers a wide vocabulary of teaching skills in Vinyasa Flow yoga; Includes modules in Yin, Restorative and Pre- & Post-natal yoga; Is taught by instructors with extensive teaching experience and specialist knowledge; Welcomes you as a member of tripspace community with a tripspace-passport to attend free classes at TripSpace during your training; Provides you with the business skills needed to step into professional life as a yoga teacher.

Sivani Mata will be sharing a session on the theme of "Traditions and Techniques of Mantra and Chanting" as part of this course on Saturday 23 October 2021

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
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