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EVENTS – LONDON | Regular Babaji Arati



with Babaji’s London Family

Regular Sessions (see below for dates)

at Sivani Mata or Ben’s home in NW London
(text Sivani Mata on 07734593284 for address)

The Babaji Arati is a beautiful Bhakti Yoga practice in which the 5 elements (Earth through incense, Water, Fire through a lamp, Air through the waving of a cloth, and Ether through the ringing of the bell) are offered to our alter whilst singing beautiful mantras. The arati lasts about an hour and we usually follow it with some Kirtan and share in food together.

This practice was given by Haidakhandi Babaji who lived in Haidakhan, India from 1970 to 1984. He shared with the people who came to him a way of life that can be summed up by the words
“Live in TRUTH, SIMPLICITY and LOVE”. He taught people to have courage in this uncertain age on the planet, to practice bhakti yoga (love and compassion) and karma yoga (selfless service). Bhole Baba ki JAI!

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There are currently no upcoming Arati dates, more coming soon

We also meet at other people’s homes for Arati inbetween. If you are interested in knowing other dates text Sivani Mata on 07734593284 or join the Babaji London Family FB Page

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

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