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Kirtan is the yogic practice of singing from the heart. Dropping down out of our busy minds, we settle our focus in the heart centre, where, in all of us there is love, compassion and beauty; and we use our voices to express that love.

In our chanting groups we mainly sing simple Sanskrit Mantras (positive affirmations in a powerful ancient language), that have a profoundly healing effect on our subconscious and our energetic system. The Sanskrit syllables are said to resonate and heal various energy centres (chakras) in our bodies. Kirtan is fun, it feels good, and brings one into a place of peace, wellbeing and blissful joy.

“Mantras are like bombs, they explode from you and destroy negative energy.”
– Paramhansa Yogananda (as told to me by Ambika from Goma)

The joyful practice of chanting is ultimately a form of yoga. Yoga is the sanskrit word for union and yogic practices are those which bring us closer to a state of samadhi: complete union with our focus. The ultimate form of samadhi is union of our mind, body and spirit with all that is, the universal spirit, divine energy, God, endless love (that which is in everything and has many names). Kirtan comes from the Bhakti Yoga path, the yoga in which we use love for others (devotion) to connect with divinity.

“The heart is a many stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love”
Hafiz (Sufi Poet)

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Some Chanting related terms

a chant in which we repeat the name of an aspect of divinity over and over again e.g. Sita Ram Ram Ram, Sita Ram Ram Ram, Sita Ram Ram Ram, Sita Ram Ram Ram
or a devotional song which describes the beauty of the divine energy

a formula of sanskrit words which have a specific effect. These are traditionally found in the Vedas - scriptures channelled in meditation by rishis around 4500-2500BC. The word mantra comes from two sanskrit words man from manas = mind and tra from trai = to protect or free from. Therefore the word mantra is translated as “to free from the mind”

the mood of devotion. This devotion is not attributed to any one religion, it is open to people of any background or faith, and can be directed towards whatever you feel to be divine: be it a universal energy; nature; divinity within ourselves and others; a specific representation of divinity ~ Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Mother Nature, Jesus Christ…; the energy of LOVE, anything else that resonates with you or all of the above. Bhakti Yoga is about opening your heart to that LOVE and ultimately finding inner peace and well-being:
“We cannot achieve world peace, without first achieving peace, Within ourselves……………. Inner Peace” – Tenzin Gyatso, H. H. The XIVth Dalai Lama.

Bhakti can be felt though service to one’s parents, to your partner, to your children, to the homeless, at your temple or church, as well as through the way in which you do all your daily activities. It is a beautiful way to live your life from a space of LOVE!

“Won’t you help to sing – these Songs of Freedom”
Bob Marley

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Quotes on Chanting and Bhakti

"Bhajans should be sung like a flower gives nectar-sweetly and softly"Babaji (Haidakhandi Baba)

"Kirtan is like a magnet, inviting and begging grace to enter our hearts and our lives. It is a most precious thing, something to be cherished and practiced with total gratitude, and those who learn how to enter into it will feel God’s grace and presence as the closest of the close, the dearest of the dear—our true beloved." Jai Uttal

"Love sustains everything. Love is the foundation of the universe" - Amma

"After no great lapse of time I had the feeling that the Prayer had, so to speak, by it's own action passed from my lips to my heart. Further, there came into my heart a gracious warmth" - Way of a Pilgrim

"The Lord's name is divine nectar, repeat it all the time" - Babaji (Haidakhandi Baba)

"Chanting is like spring cleaning for the soul"
Jahnavi Harrision

"What is universal is that Bhakti is sweet...Bhakti is easy to do and the attainments are sublime" Namadeva (Thomas Ashley-Farrand)

"Chant Om, the mantra of the / love union of Shiva and Shakti / slowly and consciously. / Enter the sound and when it fades away, / slip into freedom of being."Vijnana Bhairava Tantra translator Daniel Odier

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“Music (Chanting, Bhajans, Kirtan) is the most direct, universal
and immediate mode of lifting us into a higher awareness.”

– Swami Sivananda

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

© Sivani Mata Francis – Natural Mystic Bhajans